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Still nothing from these thieving pieces of garbage OR their skanky mothers! Bastards all, in my opinion and one day while their rotting corpses are putrefying and turning into soap, I\'ll open their graves and *** inside of it, their mother\'s graves I mean!!!! :-)

Original review posted by user Apr 22, 2011

Beware of ALL automatic telephone ordering!!!!! This way of doing business is a great way for unscrupulous companies to confuse the ordering issue and not offer any way of reviewing the order before your card is charged for it and that's exactly why some businesses use it.

They knowingly make the ordering process confusing and before you know it, you've ordered more than you ever intended to and you don't know until you hear the final price.

Sobakawa Pillows did this to me and I'm an experienced shopper who is always looking out for these traps. Once I heard that my order was for $64 and change, it was too late! The phone call was disconnected and there was no way of getting in touch with anyone!

Even when you go to their on line sites, you'll find there's really no way of getting in touch with a Live person because it's all part of the plan.

Even if you refuse the shipment, you're still stuck with shipping and handling fees, which in my case was $22.63!!!!!!!! This, and I didn't keep one pillow!!!!!!

My suggestion to you all, is that if the only contact you have with a company is their automatic ordering line, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!! I'm sure they make as much money in fees as they do selling their product and we don't need to give them any more, *** bags that they are!!!!!!

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